SUNDAY IN THE CITY // Boudoir Manouche Jazz/ Be Bop/ Swing Alcova & private space. Bohemian Society Tea Parlour and Gentleman’s club. We are the stylish, events specialists & experts in Clubs, manouche, be bop, cabaret, vaudeville variety and circus! ÷ Come and twirl your sweet moustache at everyseason old sicilian BOUDOIR MANOUCHE. our most special jazz Night & dangerous cocktail of tzigan circus. door bell ☛ Bohemian Society. by confidentially invitation only.

art director Lucrezia Testa Iannilli
music director Roberto Gervasi
courtesy Bohemian Circus
ph+makeup P.Catalano

Caterina Guzzanti // Roberto Gervasi // Vito Petrotta Reyes // Gaia Conoscenti // Adriana Trapassi // Fiorenzo Lo Presti // Benni Priolisi Jr. // Naja Joseph // Paola Savona // Lyudmyla Tsykalova // Carlo Butera // Manfredi Melodia

☛ without bohemians the world would be a complete bore.